An excellent way to update your home or apartment would be to lay some ceramic tile or granite. Both of these work well in halls, kitchens, and bathrooms. Ceramic tile comes in many different colors, styles, shapes and cost. If you are averse to doing the job yourself, you could have someone lay the tile but you need to have some idea of the type of tile you want in your home.Ceramic is beautiful to look at, and easy to clean. The best ceramic will not need to be waxed in order to maintain the high gloss from one year to the next. Ceramic comes in different grades but can be modified to fit the space you wish to redecorate. The neat trick with ceramic is that it can work on the walls as well.

Granite is also a nice-looking material. Paired with panes of glass and put as a wall covering also have impressive results. You can even choose your own patterns to express your creativity.Both of these natural materials are great on the floor but they can render the area a little cool. Placing a few scatter rugs, a large area rug or multiple rugs in different shapes, sizes and colors will not only add color to your decor but they will also add warmth to the room.Ceramic or granite floor is nice, but what will make it nicer is to have floor decors to complement your flooring. Use area rugs and strategically place them in your rooms.

Rugs in brighter colors will make your home appear more vibrant, while rugs in subtle colors will give off a more formal and more reserved aura to your place. Look around your furnishings and colors and use area rugs that will fit the rest of the rooms either as an accent or as the centerpiece.There are many kinds of area rugs in various colors, sizes and shapes. The different fabrics will suit any functionality purpose as well. There are thicker hand-woven wool rugs that are great for your rather cool living room while thinner area rugs are ideal for the bathroom or the kitchen. An Oriental rug is great as a centerpiece or as a wall hanging. By accenting with other smaller items like flowers, some photos and candles, your room will look warm and inviting.

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