Finding the right Western horse riding boots for you

Horse riding boots come in different styles that are fit for any horse riding discipline. If you are involved with show jumping, there is a particular boot designed to help you conquer any event. When you are into barrel racing, any woman competitor would definitely want brightly colored boots to add some fashion into her fierce riding. Newly trained riders who start off for pleasure riding, especially children, perform best when they wear low cut riding boots. If you are into dressage riding the English riding boots are recommended. These are just some examples which show that every riding discipline has a specific requirement for a particular pair of boots designed for a specific purpose.

If you are into Western riding, a good pair of Western horse riding boots is imperative if you want to make each ride adequately comfortable and secure. Usually, the sorts of Western boots differ in the height of the uppers.

The tall Western boots also referred to as the tall “cowboy” or “riding” heels, have uppers that may extend up to the knees. They were initially created for use in fashion, as they have intricately designed uppers out of alligator, snakeskin, or ostrich that are quite expensive and their use for complex riding will prove to be impractical as they can only be destroyed due to constant rubbing against the saddle’s leather parts. However in the modern times, they are now used for actual horse riding, but with minimal designs on the uppers. The Western boots in mid-calf height keep the fenders of a Western saddle from rubbing against the ankles and calves of the rider. They are the most classic style of the Western boots as they are just enough to protect the calves and ankles, and comfortable enough to move without restrictions especially when going about hunting, herding, or roping around the farm. The low-cut “roper” style Western boots rise just a bit above the ankle to aid in more comfortable wear when going about the daily routines and errands around the barn.

It is best to have a number of pairs for horse riding, each pair with a specific purpose. Having one pair for a variety of purposes won’t be ideal as it will damage the pair sooner than expected.

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