Getting into the sport of horseback riding can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It is not incorrect to say that horse riding is an expensive sport, even just in terms of the cost of the amount of equipment the riders can carry over the years. If you are a beginner to this beautiful sport, there is absolutely no need to be intimidated by the wide range of horse riding products in the market. There are many affordable options out in the market. You will also be needing very less equipment in order to get started into horseback riding. Always be mindful that you will get hurt every time you fall, but this safety equipment will reduce the likelihood of the injury. From all the apparel for you to gear up for your horse, here is what you need to get started:

  • Helmet: Before you start picking out all the fun stuff for your training, it is important to get some solid safety equipment for your training. It is very much important to choose a perfect riding helmet or your training. Make sure that the helmet fits correctly and will not slip off in the middle. You can even get a helmet cover or upgrade to a dedicated show helmet if you want. A normal bike helmet will not protect you during a fall from the horse. Buy a proper horse riding helmet to avoid any kind of injuries to your noggin’.
  • Safety Vest: A safety vest helps in saving your chest and other vital organs. Hitting the ground is common for anyone who deals with horses. This will mainly happen when you try learning things which can affect the balance in various ways possible. By being equipped with a vest, it absorbs some of the shocks after hitting the ground thus saving you from serious injuries.
  • Leather riding boots: It is mandatory to wear proper footwear while working around and running horses. By buying good boots, you will be safe from getting stepped on and also help you in preventing your foot from sliding through the stirrup while riding a horse. Rubber boots cannot provide the right protection at all weather conditions. Whether you choose an English or western style boot depends on your interest. Western boots generally tend to have a higher heel when compared to English shoes. You can also find ankle height shoes these shoes might be comfortable if you like riding in half chaps. All types of shoes are sturdy and provide you with proper good stability and protection.
  • Rugs: A horse blanket or a rug is used to keep the horse warm or protecting the horse from wind and cold weather. They are designed to fit the body of the horse from the chest to the rump. There are straps located in such a way that the whole body of the horse is covered yet letting it move around freely. It is better to choose a rug which has lightweight when compared to a rug which is heavy as it will help in letting your horse understanding the comfort of a rug.    
  • Riding pants: There are many names for these pants like breeches, jodhpurs, riding tights, and many more. All of these names refer to just one meaning which is pants which do not have so seam along the inside of the leg. Using these riding pants will keep the rider comfortable and secure in the saddle. There are not many styles and beginners will not face much confusion in this section.
  • Gloves: Having leather or rubber gloves can be uncomfortable at the beginning for anyone who is a beginner to horse riding. Without using the gloves, your hands can become sweaty and this can affect the ability to maintain a safe grip. Gloves save you from all these problems. Gloves can conform smoothly to your hands and fingers which can help you maintain a safe grip.
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