Many homeowners decide to create more living space by renovating their basements. Among the assortment of basement finishing ideas homeowners will find plans for functional living rooms, playrooms, home offices, home theaters and bedrooms. People should choose good quality flooring and wall materials. Several products can help to transform a boring basement into a wonderful room. Epoxy paints can be used on the floor and walls. The paints are specially designed for cement surfaces and they are water resistant. A major consideration when looking for products to cover the cement with is the ability of the material to prevent moisture from entering the area.

Because this space is located underground it is natural for water to develop on the surface of the concrete. If sealers are not properly applied or panels are not correctly installed there can be gaps where condensation can develop which might lead to the formation of mold. There are specially designed wall panels made to resist the formation of mold and mildew, which come in styles created to be painted over.When trying to choose from the many finished basement designs available, looking through home improvement magazines or web surfing can help one to narrow down the choices. Exterior doors are often a part of such designs. Exterior doors can be installed by lowering the level of the ground outside the home. One can then decorate the lowered surface with colorful stones or other objects.

The area around the new entrance can also be used as a small patio, which is an especially nice choice when the basement will be used as a guest bedroom or studio. Once a floor has been properly sealed, it can be covered with tiles, linoleum or carpet. Decorative wall murals can be added to create an interesting effect for a themed room such as a game room or exercise center. Cabinets can be purchased to place in this space or they can be custom built. The custom units can be designed to create divisions so the basement has several rooms instead of just one.There are also ceiling tiles available, which are made as drop in sections that easily fit into the frame hung just below the regular ceiling boards. When it comes to creating usable space in basements, people have the option of hiring a professional contractor or looking for products created as do-it-yourself kits.

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