Many homeowners have confirmed that marble tiles raise the value of your home. If you’re going to redecorate, choose this stone. It will offer a more stylish alternative to other materials. The many striations and tones will render a unique look to any room in the house. Marble isn’t a favorite for nothing; it enhances the beauty of your home and thus makes it more welcoming and enjoyable.Marble tiles are very much in fashion these days. The time when we combined rugs, draperies, pillows and accessories for diversity is long gone. These tiles simply open up any space and bring modernism even in the oldest homes.¬†There are so many designs and patterns available that your home is bound to become a unique look. It’s all about doing a thorough research and getting creative.

The rug lying at the entrance door can be replaced with small pieces of marble in different colors. It’s only a small design you could make. A whole carpet can be created with marble tiles of various sizes and colors. They can be applied in a pattern of your own or, if you lack ideas, you can choose a pre-made floor medallion for the central area of the hallway. Floors, no matter where they are, don’t need to have the same color. A dark border of other stone or a different style of marble can highlight a room.Counter-tops and back splashes are two spots in the kitchen that usually get new looks. You could be more original than others and combine the tiles in the kitchen and the living-room.

If you have the time you can opt for mosaic floors in both rooms; you’ll be amazed by the result. Should you decide mosaic flooring is out of place in the kitchen, attach the small pieces of marble to the window sills. It will give the room a touch of elegance.The dining-room is the area of your home that simply craves for artistry. Polished cream marble would do wonders if they reflect the light of the chandeliers. Tiles in beige and honey shades would transform any bathroom in something as luxurious as the spa. But the bathroom is another room where you spend a long time so you may want something truly different. Marble pieces can help you create a waterfall scene for you shower stall or fish and seashells for the walls. This stone is versatile and unique in so many ways that it doesn’t have real opponents.

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