There are many different choices and styles with fly sheets so you need to think through which would best suit your horses specific needs. The majority of fly sheets are full neck (the same design as an average full neck turnout rug, with cross surcingles and a tail flap). These are fine for basic protection but if your horse is particularly sensitive or suffers from sweet itch you may need extra protection. Such as the mesh fly sheet which has a full belly panel that protects the horse’s underside too and comes with a mesh mask for complete protection.

Fly masks and veils are equally important to protect the horses eyes and nose from those pesky flies. fly veils are great for protecting the horse whilst not obscuring their vision at all. But if your horse is particularly bothered by the flies then full fly mask are the way, they cover the eye area so there is no way the fly can get near the eye to irritate!

However much we’re looking forward to sunny days we know the British weather is not exactly predictable so lightweight turnout rugs that offer breathable, comfortable material are also worth thinking about. 2 rugs that we’re excited about are the:

Caldene’s Excel Lightweight Zip-Neck Turnout Rug

The Caldene Excel range is extremely strong in 1,680 denier nylon outer mater and is waterproof and breathable. This rug is perfect for the changeable summer weather, offering great protection for your horse from summer shows and those lovely warm days.

Masta’s Aztex Lightweight Turnout

Masta’s new Aztex range has been designed to last. This rug has no filling, breathable and waterproof qualities and a higher neckline which helps avoid rubbing. This is the perfect rug for the tail end of the summer when the weather begins to cool.

masta lightweight turnout

A combination of a good fly rug and mask should keep your horse happy and as irritation free as possible, especially if you think carefully about what he needs and tailor your rug shopping to him. Another good tip is to try and keep muck heaps to a minimum and make sure to situate well away from any areas where you horses spend much time. A clean yard and horse will mean there are less flies in the immediate area so remember to regularly bath your horse and keep your stables clean.

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