If you are struggling with small rooms in your home there is a way that you can make the room look and feel larger without breaking your wallet. Here are a few tips that you can use to increase the look and feel of your small rooms so they seem larger. Clutter can be your number one enemy when it comes to small rooms. The more you have in the room the smaller it feels. You will need to clear out the clutter before you start.You don’t want to clear out so much that your room looks empty. You may have some things stored away that you have been putting off unpacking until you have more room. Now is the time to get them out. You may also want to buy a couple of new things to go in the small room.In order to start putting your room together you will need to determine what colors you want in the room.

Because the room is small you want to use the same color tones to match so that nothing stands out, making the room seem smaller. Once you have decided on a color you can purchase or place the furniture in that room to coordinate with the color.Among those items you’ll be investing in you’ll probably consider an area rug of sorts. After all, these can help to maintain the heat of a place, add a little ambiance and serve as the main focal point of a room. Now of course the obvious question that arises is what kind of area rug you should invest in.Remember we said that keeping the colors of your furniture in the same tone family will be best to give the appearance of a large and open space? The same remains true here.

Think in terms of a shaggy rug as these are not only available in just about all conceivable colors but also have the texture to supply a lively dynamic look to the entire room. If you live in a high-humidity or low humidity area, then the Flokati will be the ideal addition to your room. Though do keep in mind that if your rug is to be under an object such as a coffee table, dining table or bed, that the rule of thumb states that the rug should be slightly larger than the area of the item that covers it.Lighting is very important in making a small room seem larger. Placing a spot light on a particular area or an object is ideal to creating the large feeling. If you have natural lighting find ways that you can reflect that lighting to brighten up your room. You can also use a combination of natural and artificial lighting to create the right look for your room.

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